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An NFT-based dungeon crawler on Polygon.


Launching next: PVP Duels!

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Crypto Raiders Teaser

Watch our teaser video and get pumped to roam our world!

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Our Roadmap

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Recruitment Event

Our third recruitment is coming soon. These are priced low to recruit, a part of our broader initiative to rapidly grow the community and market the game.

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Dungeon Raiding - Act 1

We have already launched 5 dungeons that our community has loved, but now it's time to intertwine dungeons and storyline in an exciting 4-dungeon Act 1.

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This is our approach at creating communities & facilitating scholarships and access to more players. Create guilds with friends or use them to create a team to play your characters. Shared guild loot, custom permission structures, and a guild aura bonus are among some of the exciting features ahead.

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Port to Unity

We are building the game in a multi-year horizon, and it's time to port our game to an engine that will scale with us. This is a big undertaking that we are investing heavily into.

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