When Airium was scarcely inhabited, it was a dark world. Demons and dark evils residing in the depths of Airium kept most others in hiding.

Brightly shining creatures sent from above quelled the darkness in Airium. The bright light imbued on their bodies displaced the darkness residing in Airium, and the creatures fought tirelessly against the demons and evils. These supernaturally bright creatures were called “the Constructs,” and once they had dispelled the darkness, the inhabitants welcomed them as if they were long lost sons and daughters of Airium. Though as quickly as they had come, they left back to the endless sky.

Their leaving, however, was as fruitful as their coming. The Constructs left behind a beautiful trail of light in their wake. When the Elders and leaders of each of the races came to see the light, there was one Construct that had stayed behind.

“I bestow six gifts to you. Keep these gifts in good will, peace, and harmony,” the Construct said in a sound much more like a low mechanical groan than any language at all. Still, each person understood as if it were spoken in his or her own native language.
“So long as these Blocks remain in unity, so will Airium,” it paused. “Break apart any of these Blocks and destruction and evil will haunt Airium once again.”

With that, the final Construct also left. His light was more colorful and luminous than the other lights before it, and when the light faded, six Blocks were left behind. The Blocks were as colorful and bright as the Constructs that had brought them. For this reason, and for having been gifted by their saviors, the people of Airium far and wide worshiped these Blocks.

With the power of the Blocks, they were able to create cyborgs, Guardians of Unity. In appearance, these cyborgs were half-Construct and half-human, blending the visage of the two lives they bridge. The cyborgs created a city around the Blocks they protected, which became a hub of trade for the varying peoples of Airium. The city became prosperous, and with it, all of Airium flourished. For this prosperity, they named it the City of Aurum.

These were the golden times of Airium. Just as the final Construct to leave Airium had said, as long as the Blocks remained in unity, so would Airium.
But evil has always been eager to shake this harmony in order to shatter the power of the sacred blocks. While the people of Airium were arguing over the superiority of the Blocks, a Shadow was slowly invading like a parasite.

“The Block of Chaos is the most powerful,” one would say.

“No, ‘tis the Block of Order,” another would argue.

“Block of Light!”

“No, Block of Darkness!”

In other areas, priests of the Block of Life began to spring up, preaching against the “occult” followers of the Block of Death.

And so unity became division.

While taking advantage of the distraction she had initiated, the Shadow succeeded in shaking the harmony to bring back darkness to the world. The sacred blocks of Chaos, Darkness, and Death were dragged down by the dark-forces into the depths of the world, seemingly lost for eternity. The rest shattered at the quake of their leaving. As a result, chaos broke out. Demons and monsters could again move freely in the world. The eternal hunger of the dark power ate through the known world and covered it with darkness and pain.

Back to their hiding the people of Airium went. Life as they knew it halted. It was as if the Constructs had never freed Airium and there had never been any Sacred Blocks. When darkness came, it enveloped the fertile fields of the valleys and destroyed the crops. The forests are now a gloomy and dark place where wild demons run rampant and corrupt the animals. The days grow shorter. The nights are regularly interspersed with lightning of all colors.

The otherwise normally peaceful inhabitants try in vain to protect the world from their fate. With the onset of the final darkness, the unity of the sacred blocks disintegrated. The inhabitants of Airium stand no chance against the onset of cold and endless darkness. That is, until a young man out of Auershire discovered a brightly glowing blue shard in the pit of a slain beast.